Iowa Deer Classic Monster Shed Contest

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The enjoyment of shed hunting is spreading like wildfire across whitetail country, and the North American Shed Hunters Club and the Iowa Deer Classic are proud to sponsor the NASHC Monster Shed Contest! Sheds from anywhere in the nation can be entered for $8 per shed (or $15 for a matched set). Sheds are officially measured and placed on display to the thousands of Classic attendees throughout the weekend. Sheds must exceed 60″ Typical or 70″ Non-Typical to be entered into the contest. At no extra charge, each shed will be listed in the next edition of the Shed Antler Records of North American Big Game Record Book which is published by the North American Shed Hunters Club (a $8.00 value).
We will also be scoring sheds from all other species of North American Big Game for the record book.

Deluxe Trophy Plaques will be awarded to the Top Three finds in four categories as well as Honorable Mention Ribbons;

Single Shed typical, Single Shed non-typical, Matched Set typical, Matched Set non-typical and Best of Show.

Sheds must be fair chase and can be entered beginning at 3pm on Friday thru 11:00 a.m. on Sunday.

Visiting the Classic this year is also the North American Shed Hunter’s Club National Display featuring some of the largest and most unique shed antlers ever found.This attraction contains all fair chase shed antlers from different species from all over North America. Be sure to check it out.

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This contest is conducted by NASHC For Specific questions contact: Tom 608-666-2071


1st — Lyla Nenning (99 5/8)
2nd — Kent Brant (95 3/8)
3rd — Travis Pugh (90)

1st —Brady Stevens (161 6/8)
2nd —Michael Dorothy (154 2/8)
3rd — Jacob Hayward (152 5/8)

1st — Brandon Hanson (110 2/8)
2nd — Luke Bubeck (104)
3rd — The Great Iowa Auction (101 5/8)

1st — Josh Dornbusch (179 7/8)
2nd — Nate Grossman (178 4/8)
3rd — Tobin Ehrle (177 7/8)

1st — Tyler Fenton (135 3/4) American Elk Typical

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